Trasnoche - Tango Madrugada

Trasnoche - Tango Madrugada

Tango Madrugada

Trasnoche - Tango Madrugada

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01. Acompañada y sola (Chico Novarro)

02. Reflexiones (Santiago Cimadevilla)

03. Zamba de Lozano (G. Leguizamon / M. Castilla)

04. Nunca tuvo novio (A. Bardi / E. Cadicamo)

05. Zamba de Argamonte (G. Leguizamon / M. Castilla)

06. Madrugada (Santiago Cimadevilla)

07. Und zu (Mathis B. Nitschke)

08. Miniaturas 01 (Santiago Cimadevilla)

09. Miniaturas 02

10. Miniaturas 03

11. Miniaturas 04

12. Miniaturas 05

13. Miniaturas 06

14. Miniaturas 07

15. Miniaturas 08

16. Balada para mi muerte (A. Piazzolla / H. Ferrer) 

17. Estaciones Porteñas (Astor Piazzolla)

18. Bailarín de los montes (Peteco Carabajal)

19. Epilogo (Santiago Cimadevilla)


Label: Ruta Records

Artiest: Trasnoche

Titel: Tango Madrugada

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TRASNOCHE was formed by Argentine bandoneonist Santiago Cimadevilla. Together with Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra’s violinist Ebred Reijnen, the American pianist Mark Wyman, Italian tango acoustic bass player Virgilio Monti, and Dutch jazz guitarist Elliot Muusses, TRASNOCHE is now making its presence felt across Dutch and international stages.

TRASNOCHE's worldclass musicians distinguish themselves by presenting a repertoire that consists exclusively of their own original compositions, along with original arrangements of classical tango and Argentine folklore pieces. This translates into a very personal sound that expresses the unique talents of each of its members. The warmth and passion of guest singer Beatriz Aguiar blends smoothly into the ensemble and adds an extra dimension to the performance.

The music of TRASNOCHE explores the borders of Argentine music. The mesmerizing arrangements of tango standards revivify the genre, sounding refreshingly original. These new compositions have clear influences from contemporary chamber music and jazz; but the solid background of these musicians in Argentine music guarantees that the result remains completely authentic.

Bandoneon: Santiago Cimadevilla

Violin: Ebred Reijnen

Guitar: Elliot Muusses

Piano: Mark Wyman

Contrabass: Virgilio Monti

Guest singer: Beatriz Aguiar